To preserve all the beauty of your Tarkett wood flooring, just follow very simple protections suggestions. All care and Maintenance tips and information are gathered on this page. Whether you are Installer or Consumer the rules for wood flooring maintenance are the same: keep it clean and beautiful for upcoming years! Find out more which cleaning tool is suitable for you in which moment!
   Tarkett Cleaner
Tarkett Cleaner is liquidly, alkaline mean for floors' mechanical cleaning. Combination of active surfaces supstances provides very good cleaning of all kind of impurities and quickly drying. Working method for normal cleaning: When it comes to spot cleaning, just sprinkle on the surfaces using spray bottle and simple mop the surface. Product information: neion.active supstance, natrium citrate, ethanol and waterpH = 8. Flavour: citrate Storage life: 2 years in sealed package
   Tarkett Refresher
Tarkett Refresher cleans and protects all prefinished wood flooring. Working method: First clean your wood flooring, using a damp-mop to remove dirt and dust. Apply a thin layer of Tarkett Refresher with a clean moistened mop and leave to let dry approximately 30 minutes before using wood flooring. Do not move on wood flooring while it is getting dried. A thin layer of Tarkett Refresher is now protecting your wood flooring. If wood flooring has been treated with wax or polish products before, first clean with special cleaning liquids for polish. Dilution: Do not dilute or use any additional chemicals. For excess dirt apply more Tarkett Refresher and rub harder. Do not go back over areas that have started to dry. Clean the mop frequently with water when applying and after use. Guideline for using Tarkett Refresher: It is recommended that Tarkett Refresher should be used once a month. Storage life: Minimum 2 years in sealed package. Note: Sensitive to frost. Store away from children. pH=8.0
   Tarkett Cleaner Set
Tarkett Cleaner Set is a unique cleaning system for effortless wet or dry cleaning of any Tarkett wood flooring. Tarkett Cleaner Set includes a floor sweaper with an adjustable handle, microfibre cloths and a regular maintenance solution-Tarkett Cleaner.
   Repair kit
Tarkett Repair kit is a practical solution system for repairing hollow spots, dents and loose areas. It includes touch up lacquer, putty and sandpaper. Repair is quick and low cost. Floor can be walked on immediately after repair.
1. Clean damaged place
2. Into that space, that was previously cleaned with soldering iron. Leak repair wax in different colors in order to get nuance that is close to wood flooring nuance.
3. Surplus of wax take off with plastic sparkle